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What is custom trip Custom features: Custom requirements: Custom content:
According tourists travel plans, objectives, hobbies, and tailored way to travel and tourist routes, build strong personal and exclusive travel with style.
  1. To "tailor-made" service concept positioning
  2. Precise crowd, interests, needs subdivision
  3. Providing full service before, during, after the tour
  4. Value-oriented customer experience
  5. Depth of experience localized service
  6. Personalized, proprietary technology, one to one high-grade service
Travel with family, friends, colleagues or form a group & leading a team travel, or a person can travel! We can provide you with tickets, visas, tourist routes full travel service, also can provide you with some travel route independently according to individual needs.

Custom Made Package
  1. K-Connection Holidays offers exclusively tailored tours to the particular interests of you and your group. Meeting your every specific travels needs and organizing you a memorable vacation is our goals. Customizing a tour at your own pace, with your personal interests, within your budget is where our expertise. Now fill in your information and start to customize your holiday tour!
    天地假期 提供专门定制的旅行团给你和你的小组。满足您的每一个具体的旅行需求和组织您一个难忘的假期是我们的目标。定制旅游在自己的步伐,与你的个人利益,在预算范围内是我们的专长。现在填写您的信息,并开始自定义您的假期之旅!
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